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The Brothers of Kappa Psi are proud to announce the formation of the new and improved “Gamma Phi 99 Club.” The 99 Club is an easy and hassle-free way for Gamma Phi Alumni to give back to the Chapter. The 99 Club consists of Gamma Phi Alumni who are willing to donate $99 (or any other amount) every month to the Chapter. Easy, automatic, monthly donations can be set up using your Paypal account! The purpose of the 99 Club is to provide funds for alumni events, house maintenance or repairs, travel and accommodations for official Kappa Psi events, and other board-approved Chapter operations. 

99 Club

99 Club members donate $99 per month. Click below to see all of our donors and how many years they have donated. Matt Donato (14), Ezekiel Baker (14), Chris Haire (12), Matt Disharoon (10), Khalil Khlifi (6), Campbell Ready (2), Felix Okotete (2), Andrew Wynne (2), Colton White (2), Jason Milton (1), Jonah Stephens (1), Alex Waldron (1), Austin Cooper (1)

Scarlett Order

Scarlett Order members donate $66 per month. Click below to see all of our donors and how many years they have donated. There are currently no scarlett order donors.

Cadet Gray Fund

Cadet Gray Fund members donate $33 per month. Click below to see all of our donors and how many years they have donated. Victor Lewis (12), Robert Hutcherson (11), Zach Childs (8), Deven Jackson (7), Arthur Legacki (3), Cole Waters (3), Cody Smith (2), Jacob DeCamp (2), Adam Soloway (2), Jake Davis (2), Kevin Philippart (2), Steven McDougal (2), Paul Dossett (2), Dillon Frazier (2), Ben Crawford (2), Abe Duncan (2), Theo Vaggalis (2), Ange Tetsadijo (1), Kobina Amoah (1), Nathan Hanzelka (1), Dane Croxton (1), Alex Anthony (1), Stephen Ansel (1), Tyler Haskins (1), Drew Smith (1), Brad Mote (1), Josh Joyner (1)

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do we know our money is not being wasted?

We have worked very hard in setting up a system of checks and balances to regulate the 99 Club account. First, no funds from the 99 Club will be used for social events or parties. Also, every use of funds must be approved by a board made up of 4 alumni brothers (one of which is the elected Chairman of the Board) and 3 active alumni brothers. All checks must be dually signed by the alumni Chairman of the Board and the active treasurer. This will ensure that the funds are used only for the advancement of the fraternity.


Who can be on the 99 Club Board?

Any alumni brothers interested in being a member of the board must be active donators to the 99 Club for at least 6 months before they are eligible to become a member of the board. Obviously, there will be exceptions to the 6 month rule in the early stages of the program. 


What do I get for my money?

Other than the warm fuzzy feeling you will no doubt get for helping out your fraternity and from a wonderful thank you gift; after a total donation of $1,188 (1 year at $99 a month) your name and will be added to the 99 Club plaque in the hallway of the Kappa Psi house.


What is the overall goal for the 99 Club?

The 99 Club has many goals: Maintenance and repair for the house, funding of future alumni events, and registration fees at official Kappa Psi events to name a few. However, the ultimate goal of the 99 Club is to eventually acquire enough funds to start a Gamma Phi endowment which will ensure the preservation of our chapter and our house long into the future.


What if I need to cancel?

The reoccurring charges of the 99 Club can be canceled or delayed at anytime through your Paypal account!


I have more questions; who can I contact?

For any questions or concerns you can contact the 99 Club Chairman, Matt Donato, at or (912) 266-2637

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